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The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is set up in a tournament-style format sectioned off into five brackets, and the first section was completed during Saturday afternoon’s third performance.

Only the top four contestants in money won advance to the semifinals, then the top five money winners from each of two semifinals advance to the finals. The key ingredient, of course, is money. I think that’s OK with all the contestants who are part of the San Antonio field.

Team ropers Keven Daniel and Chase Tryan are the biggest winners so far, pocketing $4,421 each. There’s a lot more money to be won over the next couple weeks.

Bareback Riding:
1. (tie) Tilden Hooper, Carthage, Texas, and Cody DeMers, Kimberly, Idaho, $3,439 each; 3. Wes Stevenson, Lubbock, Texas, $2,702; 4. Caine Riddle, Vernon, Texas, $1,966.

Steer Wrestling: 1. Les Shepperson, Midwest, Wyo., $3,439; 2. Alex Robertson, Bend, Ore., $2,948; 3. (tie) Wade Sumpter, Fowler, Colo., and Ben Schofner, Jasper, Texas, $1,965 each.

Team Roping: 1. Keven Daniel, Franklin, Tenn., and Chase Tryan, Helena, Mont., $4,421; 2. Paul David Tierney, Oral, S.D., and Cody Doescher, Oklahoma City, $2,947; 3. Cody Graham, Everton, Mo., and Tyler McKnight, Wells, Texas, $2,702; 4. Riley and Brady Minor, Ellensburg, Wash., $1,719.

Saddle Bronc Riding: 1. Jacobs Crawley, College Station, Texas, $3,930; 2. (tie) J.J. Elshere, Hereford, S.D., and Ty Atchison, Jackson, Mo., $2,948; 4. Chuck Schmidt, Keldron, S.D., $1,474.

Tie-Down Roping: 1. Jake Pratt, Ellensburg, Wash., $3,930; 2. Tyson Durfey, Colbert, Wash., $2,456; 3. Jeremiah Peek, Pueblo, Colo., $1,965; 4. Monty Lewis, Hereford, Texas, $1,719.

Women’s Barrel Race: 1. Sammi Bessert, Loma, Colo., $3,930; 2. Nikki Steffes, Vale, S.D., $2,948; 3. (tie) Shelley Morgan, Canton, Texas, and Kelli Tolbert, Hooper, Utah, $2,456 each.

Bull Riding: 1. Kanin Asay, Powell, Wyo., $3,684; 2. Cody Teel, Kountze, Texas, $2,948; 3. Chance Smart, Philadelphia, Miss., $1,719; 4. Beau Schroeder, Beaumont, Texas, $1,474.


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