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JoJo LeMond is listed as6-foot-1, 155 pounds, and that’s stretching it. Still, it’s not the picture you’re going to see next to the definition of STEER WRESTLER.

But he must be a bulldogger if he wants to be part of the field at the Timed Event Championship. During Friday’s first go-round, LeMond took a 60-second time in bulldogging (the equivalent of a no time), but it wasn’t for lack of effort. The Andrews, Texas, cowboy took his first jump within 50 feet of the chute and missed. He then sprinted more than 100 yards to remount and try another jump.

He took a risk with the time running out and missed a second time. But he got a big ovation.

Then a few minutes later, three-time winner Jimmie Cooper had a runner that he chased 400 feet before trying, but Cooper missed, too. By the time he remounted, time had expired.

Ever the competitor, Cooper chased the steer along the west-side wall of the arena, jumped and grappled the animal to the dirt. He won over the crowd early in this competition; that never hurts.


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