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Ryan Gray
Ryan Gray

Ryan Gray won two of three bareback riding go-rounds in the final Super Series of RodeoHouston. He placed second on the only night in which he did not win, so he won the three-ride average by five points over three-time world champion Will Lowe.

In all, Gray won $8,700. That’s $4,000 more than Lowe, who finished second in earnings. They led the way for the Super Series V semifinalists, which included NFR qualifiers Tom McFarland and Jason Havens.

Lowe and Havens will ride Wednesday in the first of two nights of semifinals, while Gray and McFarland will ride Thursday.

RodeoHouston rolls to a close this weekend, and the action is going to continue to be just as hot. That’s what fans want.

That’s what they deserve.


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