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I’m watching/listening to RodeoHouston’s livestreaming webcast of tonight’s semifinal round at RodeoHouston.

I enjoy the show and listening to Reliant Stadium announcers Boyd Polhamus and Bob Tallman. It’s like being in the media room at the NFR, except without the yelling.

It’s a great show, especially when only the top four contestants in each event advance to Saturday’s final round. It adds a little pressure to the punch. The other four in each semifinal move on to tomorrow’s Wild Card Round, but only the top two in each event out of that round advance. That means 10 contestants in each discipline will be part of Saturday’s finale.

So far, I’ve seen Hunter Herrin, Caleb Bennett, Matt Sherwood-Cory Petska and Ryan Mackenzie post the best scores/times of their events. If you’d like to watch it yourself, click HERE.


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