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I have to be honest: I liked the chances of PRCA cowboys Rope Myers and Nathan Klassen in the reality series “Full Metal Jousting.”

Nathan Klassen
Nathan Klassen

So far, they haven’t disappointed. Myers dominated his match, which aired last week. Klassen, who has been a friend for a number of years, did the same thing in the episode that originally aired Sunday night on the History Channel.

Myers is a world champion steer wrestler who was born in Kansas and raised in Texas. Klassen is a two-time Prairie Circuit champion bull rider who was born in Kansas and is now sharing his family life with his wife and daughter in Broken Arrow, Okla.

In the most recent episode, he got the better of Mike Edwards, a Las Vegas man who was in the Marine Corps during Desert Storm. Klassen got the early lead by unhorsing Edwards quickly and never really looked back.

Klassen isn’t a big guy, but he proved that there’s a lot of power in his punch and that a good horseman can go a long ways in jousting.

And – as if this needs to be said – I’m awfully proud of my friend. He began riding bulls when he was 13 years old. He also played college football, something guys his size weren’t supposed to do.

Of course, he’s tougher than most, and he’s proving it on “Full Metal Jousting.”


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