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I posted a nice little rant about the exclusion of Dan Etbauer and Craig Latham when talking about the ProRodeo Hall of Fame induction of Robert and Billy Etbauer.

Make no mistake: Robert and Billy are overwhelmingly deserving of this honor, just as all those others that are enshrined in the Colorado Springs museum. My opinion, based on what I knew and what I believe, is that Dan and Craig are just as deserving.

I have learned why Dan and Craig will not join Robert and Billy as they are presented to the hallowed hall – neither Dan nor Craig won a world championship during their ProRodeo careers, and a minimum of one world title is part of the current induction criteria in the contestant category.

For instance, cowboys like Ote Berry and Marvin Garrett were inducted before their careers had ended, but one of the criteria now is that the contestants must be retired.

There are numerous reasons for this change, from financial to trying to make the hall of fame a true showcase of the ProRodeo’s greatest stars. I appreciate that, too.

But I stand by my sentiment that the great things in ProRodeo history that these four men accomplished together is deserving of great honors. Maybe the criteria will keep half the foursome out of Colorado Springs, but their greatness together needs to be part of rodeo’s history and lore in some way.

They all deserve it.


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