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The Guymon (Okla.) Pioneer Days Rodeo means more to me than being just a great event; it’s also about seeing old friends and sharing my passions.

I’ve been to that awesome rodeo eight of the last 10 years; I’m tied to it for many reasons, and I’m proud of that. For the 2006 Pioneer Days Rodeo, I volunteered as the marketing director for the committee with the understanding that I was developing Rodeo Media Relations. I’ve been on a contract every year since.

I married an Oklahoma Panhandle State University alumnae who lived in the region for 13 years. I met her there, and each spring trip to Texas County, Okla., is like her trip home. It’s quite impressive to me how the region once known as No Man’s Land can boast of such greatness – it goes well beyond rodeo and into the fabric that weaves the community together, the people.

I’m blessed to be associated with one of the greatest events in ProRodeo and the people who are proud of it.


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