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The newly designed Carr Pro Rodeo website will launch Friday, June 15, at It was designed by Corey Brown, owner of 4B Web Designs.
The newly designed Carr Pro Rodeo website will launch Friday, June 15, at It was designed by Corey Brown, owner of 4B Web Designs.

DALLAS – Pete Carr knows what it takes to produce high quality. He strives to do it with every thing he prepares, from his commercial construction company to his livestock firm.

It makes good sense that he is doing the same thing with Carr Pro Rodeo’s updated and enhanced website, He reached out to an up-and-coming web designer, Corey Brown, and the results are phenomenal.

“I wanted an easy-to-use website that reflected a classic, Western look while still being progressive,” said Carr, whose stock contracting company is one of the most sought-after livestock firms in ProRodeo. “I think Corey did an excellent job of putting all that together. We had a small group of people who looked at everything involved in the site to make sure it’s something that visitors would enjoy, including our media guy, Ted Harbin. He provided all the copy for the site, handled all the pictures and worked with Corey from Day One.”

The key to a good website is one that’s filled with information that is easily accessible. The site is set to launch Friday, June 15.

“Pete told me he wanted the best,” said Brown, owner of 4B Web Design. “That’s what I’m striving for, to make this the best site.

“I’ve worked closely with Ted for several weeks, and it’s been a pleasure. One thing I’ve learned is that you’re only as good as the things you surround yourself with. There’s no doubt in my mind that Pete has top-notch personnel that represent Carr Pro Rodeo.”

Harbin is in his third year as the firm’s media manager. He serves as the media director for a number of large rodeos across the country, including the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo and the Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping. The 2010 winner for the PRCA Media Award for Excellence in Print Journalism, Harbin contributes stories on behalf of Carr Pro Rodeo and has also worked as the media specialist for Carr rodeos in Guymon, Okla.; Lovington, N.M., and Silverton, Texas.

“Ted’s passion and understanding of the entire sport of rodeo is unmatched against anyone else in his field,” Carr said. “He has the most comprehensive articles and communicates well with the people inside and outside rodeo.”

Brown knows rodeo, too. Like Carr, Brown is a former bareback rider who still longs to ride wild horses. Working on the Carr Pro Rodeo site allowed Brown a release, of sorts.

“When Pete and I agreed to this, I was like a young man again, filled with butterflies in my stomach,” Brown said. “I was almost foaming at the mouth wanting to climb on another horse. As I’m building this website and seeing all the pictures of his animals, especially the bareback horses, it makes me want to grab my rigging bag, blow off the dust and enter the next rodeo.

“Man, his horses are to die for.”

So is the Carr Pro Rodeo website.


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