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Last year in my first venture to Lea County, N.M., I had no idea what to expect. I arrived in Lovington, home of the Lea County Fair and Rodeo, wondering about the little things that go into the community of 10,000 and why it’s host to a Wrangler Million Dollar Tour event in ProRodeo.

Oh, I had done my homework. As media director for both Carr Pro Rodeo and the event, I had a lot of background information – from the great rodeo history in southeastern New Mexico to the large number of contestants who make their way to town for the August championship.

Once in Lovington, though, I learned so much more. Mainly, I found out that the foundation of such an awesome event lies directly in the people who work all year to make it happen. There’s no way the community can host nearly 100,000 people in a week’s time without it.

The word about the event is getting around. Here’s a tidbit from County Living’s 50 Stops in 50 States: “Head to the Lea County Fair and Rodeo in Lovington for a day — or night — of carnival rides, pungent livestock, bull riding, and country music that’s just a darn good time. And the food? ‘To die for,’ says blogging quilter Mandy Davenport of The Dixie Chicken. There’s the typical fried fare, of course, but the real culinary winners at this fair are the food booths featuring Southwestern favorites, like fajitas and roasted corn.”

That tells a wonderful tale, but if you are looking for a neat little place to have an awesome time, I recommend a trip to Lovington.


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