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Structures are ignited by the wildfires that rage out of control near Colorado Springs, Colo.
Structures are ignited by the wildfires that rage out of control near Colorado Springs, Colo.

Far removed from the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains, it’s sometimes difficult for me to be in touch with the news touching Colorado.

That’s not the case right now.

The wildfires that are scorching the beautiful landscape have made national news. Destination locales for vacationers have been blackened and charred. And now, the breathing dragon has Colorado Springs in its sights.

It’s very scary from a distance; I can’t even relate to the fear and anxiety that is being experienced in Colorado Springs. There are mandatory evacuations on the city’s western side, including the PRCA offices and the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. Considering the documents and memorabilia that lie inside those walls, a loss to fire would be quite devastating.

But those are only things. There’s no reason to risk human lives to rescue those artifacts. Homes and businesses have been destroyed, and the fire continues its march toward the city of more than 415,000.

My dear friend, Ann Bleiker – a longtime staff member of the PRCA now working as editor of the WPRA’s magazine – reported this morning that “15,300-plus acres have now burned with this fire with an unconfirmed number of structures. More than 1,000 firefighters are battling this beast. They expect all the fire lines to be challenged today. We are supposed to have thunderstorms, hopefully with some good moisture, but worried what the winds will do when this happens as that was part of the problem yesterday with ever-changing winds.”

From Facebook posts by PRCA staffers: “At this time ProCom is closed. We are making arrangements to support the membership remotely. We will provide additional information on and Member Self Service as we receive updates.”

I ask you to join me in prayer for those areas affected by the fires, that the burning ends soon. Pray for rain for the area and all others that might need it so these types of fires don’t continue to rage.


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