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SILVERTON, Texas – It takes great commitment for annual events like Buck Wild Days Rodeo to continue to improve.

But that’s just what happens in the quaint community of about 600 people. In just three short years, the Silverton rodeo has become the talk of the Texas Panhandle and everyone involved in ProRodeo.


Carr Pro Rodeo provides the livestock and produces the three nightly performances, set for 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 16-Saturday, Aug. 18, at Wood Memorial Arena. It’s the third year being sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association.

“We get a lot of the contestants from around here, but we’re also getting the big names in the sport,” said Ken Wood, chairman of the volunteer rodeo committee that organizes the event. “I think Pete Carr and his people are a big reason for that.”

It definitely helps. Timed-event contestants know what to expect, while cowboys who ride bucking beasts know Carr provides every cowboy a chance to make some serious money in Briscoe County. Beyond that, fans have come to know they’ll get top-notch entertainment for three straight nights.

“I think everybody knows that they’ll have a great time at the Silverton rodeo from the first bareback horse we buck until the concert ends,” said Carr, owner of the Dallas-based livestock company.

The foundation laid in the first two years in the PRCA is something organizers plan to build upon for years to come.

“I’ve been to a lot of rodeos, and everybody had a chance to not just place, but a chance to win first place,” Wood said. “I’ve never seen that anywhere. From a contestant’s point of view, you can’t always ask for that. But a chance to win first at a rodeo no matter when you’re out or what you drew, you knew you had that opportunity. That’s outstanding.”

While the Carr crew played an integral part in the overall success, the company’s owner kept putting the attention back to the local volunteers who spend their year planning for the event.

“There’s a reason why this rodeo has been good and why they decided to make it a PRCA event,” Carr said. “What a great committee. They were very hospitable. They were great to work with. Every time we turned around, they were asking what they could do to make their rodeo better.”

What’s even more impressive is that the community bands together to try to produce an event that will bring in crowds from all over the region. Of course, this year’s event will feature John Harrison, one of the top acts in rodeo, and great announcers like Ken Stonecipher and Andy Stewart.

“I was just very impressed how large of an event you can have in such a small town with only a few committee members,” Carr said. “It was just amazing what that committee pulled off.”


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