It wasn’t as bad as it seemed

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The frustrations are minor; they really are.

But today was one of those days. I intended to focus on interviews today since I had the freedom to do so. I made some calls, but none of them were returned. That happens a lot in the storytelling business; it happens a lot less now that cell phones are so prevalent, but it’s part of the game.

And since I needed to replace the printer, I worked on that. From getting all the settings right to purchasing a new router so that we could handle printing needs wireless, the task became time-consuming. All. Day. Long. Finally I called upon my wife, the technical genius of the family. Still, it took her an hour or so to finally get everything wrapped together in a nice little bow.

But there were a lot of positives in the day. I was able to get a few things completed and even conducted a conference call, of sorts, with a rodeo committee in Texas. I think it went well, and I hope the people who gathered around the speakerphone to hear me today got a feeling for the passion I hold for this sport.

Moreover, I hope each individual in that room could taste why I enjoy telling stories. They are about real people, real events and the circumstances that come with them, good and bad.

I’ll let you know what I find out.


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