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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The American Royal Rodeo begins its three performances tomorrow night, and the annual event is a showcase of the richest talent in the sport.

This is where world champion’s come to play. Already this week, the some of the biggest names in the sport roped, raced and wrestled during Wednesday’s specialized competition to accommodate the high number of contestants who are part of the American Royal.

But there are plenty of other great champions and regular qualifiers to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo who are scheduled to compete this weekend, with performances set for 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday at Hale Arena on the American Royal Complex.


Will Lowe, a three-time world champion who grew up near Olathe
Clint Cannon, a three-time NFR qualifier
Heath Ford, a three-time NFR qualifier
Justin McDaniel, a four-time NFR qualifier, two-time NFR average winner and 2008 world champion
Brian Bain, a 2011 NFR qualifier
Ryan Gray, a seven-time NFR qualifier
Jason Havens, a five-time NFR qualifier
Joe Gunderson, a 2010 NFR qualifier
Chris Harris, a six-time NFR qualifier

            Jarrod Ford, a two-time NFR qualifier
Trevor Kastner, a 2011 NFR qualifier
Corey Navarre, a four-time NFR qualifier
Chandler Bownds, a 2011 NFR qualifier
Cody Whitney, a three-time NFR qualifier
Seth Glause, a three-time NFR qualifier
Ardie Maier, a 2010 NFR qualifier
Kanin Asay, a four-time NFR qualifier and two-time Xtreme Bulls champion

            Clint Cooper, a four-time NFR qualifier and son of champion Roy Cooper
Jerrod Hoffstetter, a three-time NFR qualifier
Ryan Jarrett, the 2005 all-around world champion
Josh Peek, a seven-time NFR qualifier in tie-down roping and steer roping
Tyson Durfey, a five-time NFR qualifier and three-time Canadian champ originally from Savannah, Mo.
Houston Hutto, a three-time NFR qualifier
Cody Ohl, a six-time world champion
Tuf Cooper, the 20111 world champion
Blair Burk, a 14-time NFR qualifier

            June Holeman, an NFR qualifier
Jeanne Anderson, a two-time NFR qualifier who grew up in Kansas City, Mo.
Lisa Lockhart, a five-time NFR qualifier and two-time Canadian champion.
Lindsay Sears, a two-time and the reigning world champion

            Jesse Kruse, the 2009 world champion
Ty Atchison, a 2011 NFR qualifier from Jackson, Mo.
Jacobs Crawley, a 2011 NFR qualifier
Jesse Bail, a 12-time NFR qualifier in bronc riding and bull riding
Bradley Harter, a six-time NFR qualifier
Cody Martin, a two-time NFR qualifier
Isaac Diaz, a three-time NFR qualifier
Taos Muncy, a two-time and the reigning world champion
Cort Scheer, a 2010 NFR qualifier
Heith DeMoss, a four-time NFR qualifier
Cody DeMoss, an eight-time NFR qualifier
Chet Johnson, a three-time NFR qualifier

            Dru Melvin, a 2006 NFR qualifier
Casey Martin, a 2011 NFR qualifier
Todd Suhn, a 15-time NFR qualifier
Jason Miller, the 2007 world champion
K.C. Jones, a five-time NFR qualifier
Sean Mulligan, a four-time NFR qualifier

Luke Brown, a four-time NFR qualifier
Martin Lucero, a 14-time NFR qualifier
Nick Sartain, the 2009 world champion header
Kollin VonAhn, the 2009 world champion heeler
Clay Tryan, the 2005 world champion header
Travis Graves, a three-time NFR qualifier
Keven Daniel, a three-time NFR qualifier
Logan Olson, a 2005 NFR qualifier
Chad Masters, the 2007 world champion header
Clay O’Brien Cooper, a seven-time NFR qualifier who also played in two John Wayne movies, “The Cowboys” and “Cahill U.S. Marshall.”
Kaleb Driggers, a 2011 NFR qualifier
Jade Corkill, a four-time NFR qualifier
Ty Blasingame, a 2010 NFR qualifier
Rich Skelton, an eight-time world champion heeler
Brad Culpepper, a seven-time NFR qualifier
Ryan Motes, a 2007 NFR qualifier
Travis Tryan, a 10-time NFR qualifier
Jake Long, a two-time NFR qualifier


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