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HEMPSTEAD, Texas – Tray Chambliss III worked diligently to get the shoulder brace off his right arm. His elbow was wrapped in sweat and tape, which didn’t help the process any.

But Chambliss had a big smile. The Waller, Texas, bareback rider had just ridden Carr Pro Rodeo’s Collins Pride for 84 points to share the lead with Taylor Price at Chambliss’ hometown event, the Waller County Fair and Rodeo. It was opening night, and it was a good way for the local kid to kick-start the show.

“This is awesome,” said Chambliss, originally from Wetumka, Ala. “I love being able to come out here and perform in front of people who know you and they’re proud of where they’re from.”

Chambliss matched moves with the young sorrel bucking horse and set the standard for the rest of the competition, which continues with performances at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday in Hempstead. He showed the signs of a seasoned veteran, even though he’s beginning just his fourth year in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association – years that have been saddled with nagging injuries.

“Every time I try to go hard, something gets hurt,” he said, noting that he recently had surgery to repair the injured shoulder. “You try to avoid it all you can, but this is a pretty extreme sport.”

Yes, it is.

But he has those gold buckle dreams that push him toward the goal every rodeo cowboy has: To be a world champion.

Chambliss lives in Waller with Clint Cannon, a three-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier who has twice won the $50,000 top prize at RodeoHouston. That’s a great place for a young bareback rider to find inspiration – Cannon is scheduled to compete Friday night in Hempstead, just 10 miles from home.

“I look up to Clint, and I look up to a lot of the older guys,” Chambliss said. “I just try to keep up with him.”

Cannon is well known in rodeo for his workouts outside the rodeo arena and his talent inside it.

“It takes a lot of hard work,” Chambliss said. “You’ve got to have the grit to keep going, because it does get discouraging for young guys.”

What was encouraging on Thursday was Collins Pride.

“She’s good,” Chambliss said. “Pete Carr has some of the best bucking horses going by far.”

Waller County Fair and Rodeo
Hempstead, Texas
Oct. 4-6
Bareback riding:
1. (tie) Tray Chambliss III, on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Collins Pride, and Taylor Price, on Carr’s Black Coffee, 84 points; 3. Ross Sherrod, 77 on Carr’s Cool Change; 4. (tie) Tanner Aus, Carr’s Yo Yo, and Jason Bryant, on Carr’s Perfect Storm, 76.

Steer wrestling: 1. Kody Dollery, 6.0 seconds; 2. Shayde Etherton, 6.4; 3. Jarret New, 11.3; 4. Shane Frey, 13.1; 5. Derek Stewart, 18.7; 6. Cade Stanton, 19.4.

Team roping: 1. Jake Orman/Jeremy Mercer, 5.3 seconds; 2. Camish Jennings/Tommy Zuniga, 10.9; 3. Landon McClaugherty/Kent Nixon, 11.2; 4. Quisto Lopez/Jarrett Gutierrez, 11.4.

Saddle bronc riding: 1.Ty  Kirland, 78 points on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Corner Guard; 2. Jack Aldridge, 76 on Carr’s Trail Dust; 3. Tol Cawley, 73 points on Carr’s Choir girl; 4. Cody Goertzen, 71 points on Carr’s Centerfold.

Tie-down roping: 1. Marty Yates, 8.8 seconds; 2. Rich Newton, 16.2; 3. Jim Mike Hutto, 18.1; 4. Reno Gonzales, 18.9.

Barrel racing: 1. Kay Bladford, 15.73 seconds; 2. Tammy Fischer, 15.89; 3. Jackie Jantzlau, 15.93; 4. Tiffani Sonnier, 16.10; 5. Emily Efurd, 21.02; 6. Amanda Davenport, 21.70.

Steer roping: First round: 1. Vin Fisher Jr., 10.9 seconds, $1,084; 2. Rod Hartness, 11.7, $896; 3. Joe Wells, 13.0, $710; 4. Cody Lee, 13.4, $523; 5. Slick Ellis, 13.5, $336; 6. Jim Davis, 13.7, $187. Second round: 1. Jason Evans, 11.1 seconds, $1,084; 2. Chet Herren, 11.3, $897; 3. Dan Fisher, 11.7, $710; 4. Tony Reina, 12.2, $523; 5. Landon McClaugherty, 12.3, $336; 6. Neal Wood, 12.5, $186. Third round 1. Bryce Davis, 9.6 seconds, $1,084; 2. Landon McClaugherty, 10.9, $987; 4. (tie) Neal Wood, Coy Thompson and Cody Lee, 11.7, 349 each. Average: 1. Cody Lee, 39.7 seconds on three runs, $1,625; 2. Walter Priestley, 43.9, $1,345; 3. Neal Wood, 44.3, $1,065; 4. Rod Hartness, 47.1, $785; 5. J.B. Whatley, 48.9, $504; 6. Mark Milner, 53.0, $280.

Bull riding: 1. Brant Atwood, 90 points on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Panther; 2. Luis Antonio Blanco, 86 on Carr’s Time Out; 3. Clayton Foltyn, 82 on Carr’s P Diddy.


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