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The rig was loaded and pointed westward. This is a different trip for my 2012, one spent with my family and extended family.

I’m in the western Kansas berg of Garden City, a rodeo community even, to celebrate my family. In about 40 minutes, the first party of a very important day will commence as we celebrate the fourth birthday of my youngest daughter and the sixth birthday of my great niece. Their special days are later this week and just four days apart.

The second gathering is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a special couple, Aunt Barbie and Uncle Don, both of whom have been a very important part of my 45 years on this earth. Barbie is my mom’s baby sister, and she’s been a big part of my life since I was wearing cloth diapers and she was poking me with the pins.

While here, I’d love to meet with some members of the Beef Empire Days Rodeo committee and maybe work out a deal to return to Garden City every June to assist the group in promoting its event. But this isn’t about work. This is a hurrah before I head to Vegas for two weeks of intense rodeo action.

I’m ready to celebrate and to love.


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