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MGM Deuces Night
|2012 Bareback Horse of the Year

7-year-old bay/paint mare
Bareback Riding
SIRE: Night Jacket
DAM: Night Line

2011 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

Kaycee Feild was 87 points to win the 10th go-round

Ryan Gray scored 90 points to win the fifth go-round.

2010 NFR

Jason Havens scored 86 points in the fifth go-round, finishing in a tie for second place.

Kelly Timberman won the 10th go-round with an 88.5.


Kaycee Feild scored 93 points to win the $50,000 round at RodeoHouston.

J.R. Vezain scored 89 points to win the Guymon (Okla.) Pioneer Days Rodeo.

Steven Dent was 91 points to win the West of the Pecos (Texas) Rodeo.

Morgan Wild posted 86 points to finish second in Window Rock, Ariz.

Tom McFarland was 85 to finish in a tie for fourth at the Eagle County (Colo.) Fair and Rodeo.


Kaycee Feild scored 90 points to split the final-round victory at the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo.

Chris Harris scored 87 points to win the West of the Pecos (Texas) Rodeo for the second straight year.

Will Lowe scored 87 points to finish second at the Eagle County (Colo.) Fair and Rodeo.

Chase Erickson won the All American Series Finals in Waco, Texas, with an 88.


D.V. Fennell scored 87 points to finish second at the Lea County Fair & Rodeo in Lovington, N.M.

Chris Harris won the West of the Pecos (Texas) Rodeo with an 88.

Carr Pro Rodeo purchased MGM Deuces Night from bareback rider Wes Stevenson.

“She’s a horse that’s just bucked all year,” Stevenson said. “She’s been on of the best in the business all year. I knew she’d have a really good shot to come to the finals. I knew she was that good, so part of the reason I sold her to Pete is that I knew she’d have a good shot to go to the finals. I bought her from Jim Zinser as a brood mare, but she bucked so good, I didn’t want to waste her sitting at my house. I wanted her to have a chance.

“She has a lot of heart. I was the first one to get on her with a rigging, and from the first time we ever bucked her, I knew that little filly has a lot of heart. She’s a very electric horse. She’s going to start doing some stuff right out of the box.”

“This is a very special mare that bucks the right way,” said Pete Carr, owner of Carr Pro Rodeo. “You can tell she loves her job. We look for big things from her in the near future.”

“Every time I’ve seen her, she does the same thing,” said Casey Colletti, a two-time NFR qualifier from Pueblo, Colo. “She angles to the left and bails in the air. What’s really cool is that she tries as hard as she can every time. That is a bucking horse I dream of when I think of bucking horses.”

“Dang sure one of the best horses to get on,” said Tilden Hooper, a two-time NFR qualifier from Carthage, Texas. “That horse just bucks hard right out of there the whole time. She’s just a showy little horse. That’s the kind the judges like and the kind we like.”

“That Deuces Night is one outstanding bucking horse, the kind that will be the bareback horse of the finals, I think,” said D.V. Fennell of Neosho, Mo., a two-time qualifier to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. “Chris Harris won Pecos (Texas) on that horse this year, and it’s definitely a bucker.”

“That was a phenomenal horse, and she was just the best one out today,” Kelly Timberman, the 2004 world champion, said of MGM Deuces Night, which he rode to the 10th-round victory at the 2010 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. “The fact of the matter is she was just the best one out today and will probably be one of the best horses in the world for a long time. I was real privileged to have the horse.”


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