Bull riding and an update on barrels

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Barrel racing: 1. Theresa Walter, Billings, Mont., 15.59 seconds; 2. Brittany Pozzi, Victoria, Texas, 15.61; 3. Pamela Capper, Cheney, Wash., 15.67; 4. Natalie Foutch, Eldora, Iowa, 15.77; 5. Nancy Hunter, Neola, Utah, 15.81; 6. (tie) Joyce Stoltzfus, Peach Bottom, Pa., and Sally Young, Micanopy, Fla., 16.16.

Bull riding: 1. John Young, Orient, Iowa, 83 points on Burns Rodeo’s Smoke Signal; 2. Bryce Brown, Greenview, Calif., 78; no other qualified rides.


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