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Jerome Schneeberger
Jerome Schneeberger

The three Oklahoma tie-down ropers competing at the 2013 Calgary Stampede have fared pretty well this week.

Jerome Schneeberger of Ponca City, Okla., has placed in all four preliminary rounds, earning $16,000 in just four days. He’s guaranteed a spot in the next level of the tournament-style format, and he will be joined by Ryan Jarrett of Comanche, Okla., who has $12,500 and is second in the Pool B standings.

Hunter Herrin of Apache, Okla., has earned $5,500 so far, but he’s tied for fourth with Albertan Murray Pole. Herrin got into the Sunday round, but Pole will have to come back on Wild Card Saturday to see if he can make it to the final performance.

That’s a pretty solid run for the Okies. I’d surely share $34,000 over four days.


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