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HEMPSTEAD, Texas – With several days remaining on the 2013 Waller County Fair and Rodeo schedule, organizers already are excited with the exposition.

“So far, we’ve had the best start to any fair and rodeo I’ve been associated with,” said Clint Sciba, the Waller County Fair Board president. “Our Saturday night was incredible, and Stoney LaRue sealed it with a great show. We had a little rain, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the people who came out.

WallerLogo“Our Bull Mania was awesome, and the fans loved that new part of our fair and rodeo. I think we’ve found something that can help bring great entertainment to Hempstead and Waller County.”

Those were just two of the many events on the action-packed opening weekend of the fair. The festivities began with the annual parade, which was followed by the talent show.

“I think the thing that has made our fair and rodeo so successful so far is that we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy,” Sciba said. “Everybody loves a parade, and we had so many people who really enjoyed the talent show.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect out of our Kid Zone, but I think it was a big hit.”

It wasn’t the only big hit.

“We had a great turnout at the rodeo arena for the Bull Mania, but a lot of them came so early so they could enjoy the kids’ activities,” Sciba said, noting the mutton busting and calf scramble, which took place prior to the stand-alone bull riding event. “The kids were great, and it set a great tone for the evening.

“The thing about mutton busting, to me, is that it’s always a fun time. The kids love to do it, and the adults love to watch it, and I think that’s what we got.”

The key, though, is that it set the perfect tone for rest of the fair and rodeo.

“I love that we have so much going on in our rodeo arena every night of our fair and rodeo,” Sciba said. “The ranch rodeo on Sunday went over really well. We had just enough teams to make it work and to give the fans a thrill.”

It’s something fair-goers can expect the final few days of the exposition, from Wednesday’s barrel race and the opening night of the carnival to the ProRodeo that takes place Thursday-Saturday to the great concerts that are planned to close out the final three nights: Jeff Woolsey Band and Jason Allen on Thursday; John Slaughter and Johnny Lee on Friday; and Josh Ward and Cody Canada & The Departed on Saturday.

“Our goal is to provide the best entertainment value possible for this part of the country and to try to grow our fair and rodeo every year,” Sciba said. “I think we’ve got a great start this year, and I’m really excited to see where the rest of the week goes.”


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