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Cody Lee
Cody Lee

Gatesville, Texas

Cody Lee knows just how tough the competition is at the Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping. Last November, the Texas cowboy walked into the Lazy E the No. 1 cowboy. He left after two days of competition fourth in the final world standings, having earned just $4,654 in the 10-round event.

As frustrating as those experiences are, they also are wonderful learning tools. Now Lee has a hunger for that gold buckle like never before. As proof, just take a look at his place in the world standings. He sits third with $54,593 pocketed during the 12-month season that began in October 2012.

He won titles in the Texas communities of Hempstead and Rosenberg the first weekend of the 2013 season, the followed that with championships in Clovis, N.M.; Billings, Mont.; Corpus Christi, Texas; Odessa, Texas; and Dalhart, Texas.

If that fickle mistress, redemption, has any say, look for Lee to make a major move inside the Lazy E. He’s due.


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