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Clem-HallI hear the voice, the one that resonates inside the Lazy E Arena, and I smile. It’s of the namesake of this world championship, the Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping.

It’s nostalgia for me, now more than 19 years after first hearing his baritone calls over a rodeo arena speaker in Dodge City, Kan. I’ve heard his “If This Flag Could Talk” and his “Cowboy Prayer” hundreds of times, and they give me chills still. I’m thankful Robert Simpson and the rest of the folks at the Lazy E Arena had the forethought to record Clem’s eloquent voice reciting the words he had written so we could continue to remember the Oklahoma legend.

It’s been a little more than five years since Clem left us, and my time in Oklahoma at this championship brings back a flood of amazing memories. In July 2008, I wrote THIS piece shortly after learning my friend had died. I placed it on TwisTED Rodeo about three years ago, shortly after this site was created.

As I prepare for the final day of The Clem and the crowning of our first world champion in 2013, it’s a good day to remember my friend. I hope you enjoy.


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