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CLAREMORE, Okla. – World champion header Nick Sartain likes the way things are going this season.

Nick Sartain
Nick Sartain

On Saturday night, the good times kept rolling as he and his heeling partner, Rich Skelton, stopped the clock in 5.0 seconds to take the team roping lead at the Will Rogers Stampede PRCA Rodeo.

“We just need to get a little momentum heading into the summer,” said Sartain, a four-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier from Dover, Okla. “We’ve actually been home all spring. We went out to Redding (Calif.) for the (Wrangler) champions challenge, and we clipped them for a little money out there last week.

“This is huge for us when we’re starting to get at it rodeoing again. It’s huge to have a couple wins right off the bat to get the summer under way.”

Rich Skelton
Rich Skelton

The tandem knows a thing or two about winning. Sartain won the heading gold buckle in 2009 roping with Kollin von Ahn. Now he’s roping with Skelton, an eight-time world champion from Llano, Texas.

“Anytime you rope with Rich, you have a chance to win a world championship as long as you do your job,” Sartain said. “That’s the cool thing for me, knowing we have a chance to make the finals.

“He’s one of the greatest heelers of all time, and he’s really cool to travel with. He’s one of my best friends.”

This is the second year the two champs have roped together, and it’s a strong partnership. They have gold buckle memories. Now they want to add to them. Each cowboy is ranked fourth in the world standings.

“I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t want to get Rich Skelton his ninth world title, because I really want that for him,” Sartain said. “I think we have a legitimate chance at it.”

Will Rogers Stampede
Claremore, Okla.
May 23-25
Leaders through second performance
Bareback riding:
1. (tie) Caine Riddle, on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo’s Sky Hawk, and Jared Keylon, on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo’s Bright Lights, 84 points; 3. (tie) Matt Bright and Jared Smith, 80; 5. Layne Lerche, 78; 6. Tyler Pasour, 76.

Steer wrestling: 1. Clay Mindemann, 4.1 seconds; 2. Tooter Silver, 4.8; 3. Jacob Elder, 4.9; 4. Josh Peek, 5.1; 5. Stewart Gulager, 5.2; 6. Cody Kroul, 5.8; 7. Ryan Jarrett, 5.9; 8. Cole Edge, 6.0.

Tie-down roping: 1. Josh Peek, 8.4 seconds; 2. Cody Huber, 8.6; 3. (tie) Bart Brunson, Luke Blanton and Riley Pruitt, 9.0; 6. Kyon Buckley, 9.3.

Saddle bronc riding 1. (tie) Nat Stratton, on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo’s The Darkness, and Isaac Diaz, on Pete Carr Classic Pro Rodeo’s Miss Molly, 82 points; 3. Hardy Braden, 81; 4. Wade Sundell, 80; 5. Ty Atchison, 77; 6. Chase Miller, 76.

Team roping: 1. Nick Sartain/Rich Skelton, 5.0 seconds; 2. (tie) A.J. Horton/Kyle Horton, Will Clark/Michael Harris and Branden Duff/Dustin Harris, 5.2; 5. Ryan Jarrett/Austin Rogers, 5.3; 6. (tie) Mike Bacon/Joseph Harrison and Caleb Bullock/Shade Etbauer, 5.4; 8. Adam Rose/Billy Saebens, 5.5.

Steer roping: First round: 1. Vin Fisher Jr., 10.6 seconds, $897; 2. Brady Garten, 11.2, $742; 3. Trey Wallace, 12.0, $587; 4. Bryan Reiter, 12.1, $433; 5. Cody Lee, 12.3, $278; 6. Brad Mohon, 12.9, $155. Second round 1. Brad Prather, 10.4, $897; 2. J.P. Wickett, 11.3, $842; 3. Mike Chase, 11.4, $587; 4. (tie) Landon McClaugherty and Corey Ross, 11.5, $356; 6. C.A. Lauer, 11.7, $155. Third round leaders: 1. Bryce Davis, 9.7 seconds; 2. Corey Ross, 9.8; 3. Roger Branch, 9.9; 4. Kim Ziegelgruber, 10.2; 5. Shane Suggs, 10.3; 5. Vin Fisher Jr. 10.5; 6. J.P. Wickett, 11.0. Average leaders: 1. Jay Sellers, 39.1 seconds on three runs; 2. Trey Wallace, 39.2; 3. Landon McClaugherty, 39.9; 4. Corey Ross, 40.8; 5. Vin Fisher, 42.2; 6. Will Gasperson, 44.7.

Barrel racing: 1. Callie Gray, 17.16 seconds; 2. Bailee Snow, 17.39; 3. Natalie Foutch, 17.44; 4. Jana Bean, 17.50; 5. Michele McLeod, 17.64; 6. Shelby Janssen, 17.65; 7. (tie) Laura Kennedy and Kara Posch, 17.68; 9. Cheyenne Shipps, 17.69; 10. Jammie Tinker, 17.70.

Bull riding: 1. Brett Stall, 87 points on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo’s Joe Kidd; 2. Ardie Maier, 81; 2. Brennon Eldred, 78; 4. John Young, 72; no other qualified rides.


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