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GUTHRIE, Okla. – Between them, the Tierney family owns five Timed Event Championship of the World gold buckles.

Patriarch Paul Tierney earned four in his hall-of-fame career, while youngest son Paul David Tierney is the reigning champ. The Tierneys are tied with K.C. Jones with the second most titles in the “Ironman of ProRodeo” and trail just one man, six-time winner Trevor Brazile.

Trevor Brazile
Trevor Brazile

Through three go-rounds of this year’s championship, Paul David and Jess Tierney sit Nos. 2 and 3 in the average standings and trail just one man, Brazile, who has roped, tied and wrestled 15 head in 166.4 seconds. Paul David is second in 178.8, and Jess has scored 185.7. They are well ahead of the rest of the field: the fourth-place cowboy, Erich Rogers, is 212.3.

“Anybody here is capable of being 2-3 at any time,” Jess Tierney said. “If you get on top of the cattle, you’ve got to take advantage of them.”

Drawing good calves and steers makes a difference in this unique championship, in which each contestant must compete in heading, heeling, tie-down roping, steer wrestling and steer roping.

Jess Tierney
Jess Tierney

“We’re trying to take advantage of a good situation,” he said.

They are, and so is Brazile, a 21-time PRCA world champion who also owns a record 12 all-around gold buckles. He also has had considerable success inside the Lazy E Arena.

“He’s always been the gatekeeper around here,” Jess Tierney said. “He’s such a great cowboy. Even when I’m competing against him, I’m always watching him, trying to learn something. He’s the best.

“He’s an inspiration just watching him.”

The Tierneys grew up with a pretty inspiring person in their father. When they’re at home in South Dakota, they practice all five disciplines that make up the Timed Event. Between that, working on the ranch and having a father who competed in the Lazy E Arena every March for so many years, they are tailor made for the rugged championship.

“Dad always tells us that you’ve got it one run at a time. You’ve just got to look at what you’re doing right then,” Jess Tierney said. “You’ve just got to look at what you’re doing right then. Based on that, we’re staying steady and not trying to get ahead of ourselves much.”

1. Trevor Brazile, 166.4; 2. Paul David Tierney, 178.8; 3. Jess Tierney, 185.7; 4. Erich Rogers, 212.3; 5. Josh Peek, 224.8; 6. Clay Smith, 241.7
ROUND 3: 1. Trevor Brazile, 56.3 seconds; 2. Paul David Tierney, 57.5; 3. Josh Peek, 58.8; 4. Erich Rogers, 59.3; 5. Jess Tierney, 67.1; 6. Landon McClaugherty, 67.6.


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