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Ted Harbin TwisTED Rodeo
Ted Harbin
TwisTED Rodeo

There is a pretty big stink north of the border.

old-CPRA-logoApparently, a number of rodeo folks are a bit miffed at the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association’s newest logo design. It’s quite a change from the longstanding logo, and it has been met with sharp criticism.

The previous logo was outdated and needed an overhaul. The image looks straight out of the Old West, as if it were developed on printing presses that have long since been discarded.

The new logo is slick and unique … a little too much for the tradition-rich CPRA. In fact, it’s a complete direction change from what has been a signature symbol for the association. Sure, some will say, it’s attractive and bold.

new-CPRA-logoBut it is short-sided and actually alienates the organization from its roots. Just click HERE to read what CPRA Gold Card Mac McKie member and my good friend, Ted Stovin, have to say on the subject.

There was room for something spectacular to create that included all the design aspects needed for change. There is middle ground, and that’s where the CPRA board should’ve gone.

There was no need to erase 70 years of tradition with one swipe of a pen and a few block letters. The CPRA membership deserved better.


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