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BREMERTON, Wash. – Not much separates the top men from the rest of the field in the Bullfighters Only.

Schell Apple proved that Friday night during the Bullfighters Only competition held in conjunction with the Kitsap County Fair & Stampede, posting an 81-point fight to win the title.

BFO-SchellApple“It’s pretty cool to get that win,” said the 20-year-old Oklahoman, who will celebrate his 21st birthday on Wednesday. “I was going up against Ross (Hill) and Cody (Webster), who are both in the top five in the standings. If either of them would’ve won the event, they would’ve moved to first.”

Instead, Apple moved up from 10th to at least seventh in the standings. Depending on how the weekend finishes, he could be among the top six.

All three men were matched with aggressive bulls that made their presence felt. Both Hill and Webster were hooked and knocked to the ground; their scores revealed as much. Webster finished second with a 77.5-point fight, and Hill placed third with a 71.

“I got bumped around and knocked off my feet, but I never fell,” said Apple of Fay, Okla. “None of us got away clean. All the bulls were real hot and right in your pocket.”

With half the score coming from the bull, it’s vital for the bullfighters to be matched with quality animals. They got that with Darrell Diefenbach’s 12x Fighting Bulls.

“It wasn’t the luck of the draw in those fights,” Apple said. “All those bulls were good.”

It worked out for the young bullfighter as he continues through Bullfighter’s Only’s inaugural season.

“It shows the kind of talent we have top to bottom in the BFO,” he said. “Even guys that are way back in the standings can come out and beat the top guys. I don’t care if you’re first or 15th; you have a chance to win on any given night.”

1. Schell Apple, 81 points
2. Cody Webster, 77.5
3. Ross Hill, 71


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