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Dusty Tuckness slips past 12X and Costa Fighting Bulls' Spitfire en route to a 94.5-point bullfight on Saturday night during the Bullfighters Only Flexfit Invitational presented by the Lewiston Roundup Association. (TODD BREWER PHOTO)
Dusty Tuckness slips past 12X and Costa Fighting Bulls’ Spitfire en route to a 94.5-point bullfight on Saturday night during the Bullfighters Only Flexfit Invitational presented by the Lewiston Roundup Association. (TODD BREWER PHOTO)

Wyoming bullfighter claims Lewiston title with best score ever in the BFO

LEWISTON, Idaho – Dusty Tuckness was just excited to be in the mix for Saturday’s Bullfighters Only Flexfit Invitational Presented by the Lewiston Roundup Association. He proved it with two sensational fights and the highest marked bout in the Bullfighters Only history.

He won the title after his 94.5-point bullfight with 12X and Costa Fighting Bulls’ Spitfire during the Hooey Championship Round.

“That’s the kind of bull you want to draw, one you know you can win on,” said Tuckness of Meeteetse, Wyo. “Spitfire is the kind of bull that we train for. Those are the opportunities you want to have in this industry.

“After I won my first round, it was on my mind to get the opportunity to fight the unfightable bull and just have fun with it. I did have a lot of fun.”

He was one of 15 men who were part of the BFO Flexfit Invitational in Lewiston, which featured five three-man bouts. The winners from each of the five rounds advanced to the championship; Tuckness was joined by reigning BFO world champion Weston Rutkowski, Tate Rhoads, veteran Toby Inman and newcomer Kris Furr.

Furr finished his first BFO event as the runner-up, scoring 89.5 in the championship round.

“I’ve been watching Kris for a while on social media,” Tuckness said. “He has a great ground game and good fundamentals. The BFO is about showcasing the best talent out there. He showed up and did well. I’m excited to see what he’s going to bring to the BFO for years to come.”

The night, though, belonged to the Idaho-born Tuckness. He won his round after posting an 87-point score, then advanced to the short round and a meeting with Spitfire, one of the premier fighting bulls in the game.

The agile red bull lived up to his billing. As the bull charged out of the chute, Tuckness turned his back to the animal and pulled off a quick reverse to begin the bout. Spitfire stayed close to the man, pushing his horns in tight, but Tuckness remained just out of harm’s way.

The tandem even danced along the wall of the arena, as Tuckness performed four straight fakes and allowed the bull to pass as he remained tight with the wall. Tuckness made a final round just after the 40-second buzzer sounded, then ended the fight.

“It was really good to get my first BFO event for the year,” he said. “Being a stand-alone event and coming away with the ‘W’ is a blessing. I’m just thankful for not only for the opportunity but also to be part of this great event.

“The Lewiston Roundup Association was awesome to us. My hat is off to the local sponsors and our year-round sponsors with the BFO. We wouldn’t be able to do this without those sponsors.”

The bullfighters weren’t the only benefactors; the fans were treated to the extreme action that is freestyle bullfighting.

“It was great all the way around,” Tuckness said. “It gave the crowd everything they wanted. It was a great crowd and they really got into it. They get behind these action sports. It’s a lot of fun to perform in front of a crowd like that.”

The $10,000 prize he earned for winning the BFO Flexfit Invitational was also a big deal. It pushed him into second place in the Pendleton Whisky World Standings, just behind Rutkowski.

“It was just a blessing and God’s timing more than anything,” Tuckness said. “I love my job, and it doesn’t matter where I’m at. It’s great to be able to have the support of your home state, but my mindset is to step out there with my best foot forward.

“It’s about the time and work I’ve done at the gym prior to the events, and I just zone out when it’s time for me and my bull. I’ve got to take care of myself and get around my animal.”


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