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Harris will bring his old-school clown act to the fans at Rooftop Rodeo

ESTES PARK, Colo. – Cliff Harris earns a living making other people laugh.

As a rodeo clown, he lives for those moments when the crowd is engaging thoroughly enjoying all that the sport encompasses. He will do that as his alter ego, “Hollywood Harris,” during the six performances of Rooftop Rodeo, set for 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 5-Monday, July 10, at Granny May Arena in Estes Park.

"Hollywood" Harris
“Hollywood” Harris

“Anybody that does this just loves to do it,” said Harris, a Texan who moved to Florida in 1970. “If you don’t love it, then you burn out and find something else to do. But even at your worst day, it’s still a fun job.”

Not only is he a true entertainer, he also has passed along his lessons to his son, Brinson, who goes by the nickname “Brinson James the Entertainer.” While keeping up with his son’s antics has served Cliff Harris well, he likes the opportunities that come when he can showcase his own talents.

“Five or six years ago, I got hurt at an event, and he took over the next night,” Harris said. “Now I’m excited to be getting back to the big rodeos.”

That includes Rooftop, which has been recognized as one of the top events in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association over the past few decades.

“I actually worked the Estes Park rodeo back in the late ’90s,” he said. “It was hot that year, but, man, what a beautiful town. I’m looking forward to coming back.”

He should. In addition to the picturesque setting that is the town of Estes Park, Rooftop Rodeo has become a hot ticket for the biggest and brightest stars in the game. With Colorado-based Cervi Rodeo producing the rodeo and providing the bucking horses and bulls, there are plenty of opportunities for cowboys and cowgirls to collect big cash.

Harris provides that extra zip of comedy and entertainment that mixes so well with the world-class competition of rodeo.

“I’m more on the old-school art of clowning,” he said. “I use more pantomime instead of microphone talk. I really enjoy crowd-participation skits. They can go good, and then they can go fantastic. It’s going to be funny no matter what, but sometimes it’s just over-the-top funny because of the personalities we have in the crowd.”

And with an interactive crowd that Rooftop Rodeo is known to have, Harris should be the perfect match for this year’s event.


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