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Town of Estes Park, Rooftop Rodeo enhancing the opportunities for guests

ESTES PARK, Colo. – Just a year after creating the VIP Experience for Rooftop Rodeo, the town of Estes Park is already upping the ante to those patrons.

“This is going to be great for those people who are interested in experiencing our rodeo in a very special way,” said Ben Vigil, president of Estes Park Western Heritage Inc., a group of volunteers that works with the town of Estes Park to produce the annual rodeo. “What the town has established this year will make it an even better experience.”

It’s all a major component for fans of Rooftop Rodeo, set for 7 p.m. Thursday, July 5-Tuesday, July 10, at Granny May Arena inside the Estes Park Fairgrounds. The VIP Experience allows patrons a tour of the rodeo grounds before the show, access to the exclusive VIP patio at the west gate, dinner in the hospitality area, drinks and the opportunity to utilize the padded seats in the grandstands.

“We sell our VIP Experience tickets at $100 apiece, and those people will have a permanent host for the evening,” said Rob Hinkle, the community services director for the town of Estes Park. “This year in the VIP area, we have brought in a stage that we will be able to convert into an elevated viewing area with its own bar.

“It’s going to be set up west of the arena where the hospitality tent used to be.”

The VIP and contestant hospitality will now be in the Estes Park Events Complex west of the arena.

“We really wanted to provide a better experience,” Hinkle said. “We were having to rent the tent every year, and it just didn’t provide the experience we wanted.

“By doing this, it allows us to put this really nice viewing platform in position, which we hope will enhance the experience for those patrons.”

Over the years, Rooftop Rodeo has been recognized as one of the premier stops in rodeo. Much of it has to do with the picturesque setting of Estes Park, but it also has to do with the hospitality provided and the nature of the competition. Cowboys and cowgirls have marveled at the fans who make their Rooftop Rodeo experience even better.

“We’re in a unique position in Estes Park where we have a beautiful setting and a wonderful community to welcome the contestants,” said Mark Purdy, chairman of the rodeo committee that has received six Rodeo of the Year awards in its history. “We strive every year to give the cowboys, the cowgirls, the sponsors and the fans the best experience they can have.”


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