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South Point Gambler is a ranch-raised Pete Carr Pro Rodeo bucking horse that is the next generation making a way to the National Finals Rodeo. Gambler is one of dozens of Carr animals that have been to the NFR. (PHOTO BY RIC ANDERSEN)

CROSSETT, Ark. – Rodeo fans in southern Arkansas have grown accustomed to seeing some great animal athletes at the Crossett Riding Club PRCA Rodeo.

It’s an annual occurrence, thanks to Pete Carr Pro Rodeo, one of the premier livestock producers in professional rodeo. The Carr outfit features hundreds of the top bucking horses and bulls in the game, and the very best will make their way to Crossett’s rodeo, set for 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 24-Saturday, June 27, at Cap Gates Arena.

“As far as I’m concerned, Pete’s stock is top notch,” said Rob Adkins, the riding club’s president. “This is probably the best it’s ever been in Crossett, Arkansas, and we’ve been around 72 years. The one thing we know is if you’ve got good stock, you’re going to bring good cowboys.”

This is the eighth year the Carr team will be performing in Crossett, and that team is pretty elite. Carr buckers have been named world champions five times, starting with Real Deal in 2005. Big Tex won the title in 2010, followed by Deuces Night in 2012 and Dirty Jacket in 2014 and ’15.

But those are just a few of the long list of talented equine and bovine athletes. Over the years, dozens of Carr animals have been selected to perform at the National Finals Rodeo. Not only is it the sport’s grand championship, but it also features the top 100 bareback horses, saddle broncs and bulls in the game – the animals are hand-picked by the NFR cowboys to give themselves the best opportunity to cash in.

“When you look at what is happening with rodeos right now, you see big numbers as far as entries,” Announcer Scott Grover said. “I think Crossett will be the same. I think we’re going to see more top 15 contestants at this rodeo than we’ve seen before, so Pete’s going to bring his best stock to this rodeo.

“This is going to be the cream of the crop of what Pete has, and that’s the cream of the crop in ProRodeo. The horses and bulls have been to the NFR or will be going. I can’t wait to watch.”

The Carr herd continues to grow and impress. In addition to a solid stable of experienced buckers, Pete Carr has mixed in a healthy dose of up-and-coming stars that have been raised on the Carr ranch. For every Dirty Jacket and Big Tex, there’s a South Point Gambler and San Angelo Sam.

With that, Carr’s breeding program is receiving more notice in rodeo circles.

“We love that Pete brings such great animals to our rodeo, because with them, we know we’re going to draw some top-notch cowboys,” Adkins said. “It’s very exciting that we’re going to have our rodeo after going through COVID-19. Still, it’s very tiring. We prepare all year, but you’re never really prepared.

“We’re ready to have it. We feel like we’re going to see more contestants than we’ve ever had at our facility, and I think that’s going to be great for our community.”

But there’s more to a rodeo than bucking animals, and the Carr crew understands that. Rodeo is a fine mixture of world-class competition and entertainment. It takes a solid production to keep fans involved and entertained.

“The thing about working with that crew is that everything moves smoothly,” Adkins said. “There are no egos when it comes to the work it takes to put on this rodeo, and we work well together to make it all happen.

“It takes a whole team of us and them to work together. If there’s ever a hiccup, nobody in the stands every knows it. Pete runs a smooth rodeo, and it moves right along. Us working together makes it look effortless.”

That type of teamwork is why the Crossett Riding Club PRCA Rodeo is happening in a challenging year. It’s just one of many reasons the cowboys and cowgirls are looking forward to their June adventure in southern Arkansas.


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