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Coy Pollmeier rides Stockyards Rodeo’s Ground Assault for an event-best 91 points to win the Lea County Xtreme Bulls title and more than $10,088.

LOVINGTON, N.M. – For Coy Pollmeier, just competing in the Lea County Xtreme Bulls was exciting.

Winning it put the Kansas cowboy over the top.

“I’m still trying to take it all in,” said Pollmeier, who posted the highest-marked ride Tuesday night at Jake McClure Arena, but he also was the only man in the field to ride two bulls. “I’ve been dreaming to get one of these Xtreme Bulls Division I buckles since I’ve been ProRodeoing. A couple of my buddies have won this bull riding in the past. I felt like it was always a special one for us.”

Each year, the Lovington bull riding is recognized as one of the toughest in professional rodeo, featuring the PRCA’s elite bull riders. World champions have won this title, and others have tried. It’s a prestigious title.

Pollmeier started off the night with an 86-point ride on Salt River Rodeo’s Train Station to finish seventj in the opening round. He then matched Stockyard Rodeo’s powerful Ground Assault jump for jump for 91 points to win the championship round and the title. It was worth $10,088.

“This time of year, we all get spread out, but everybody comes to this Xtreme Bulls,” said Pollmeier, 23, of Fort Scott, Kansas. “No matter where they are, they all come down to Lovington. Everybody in the top 20 was here plus other great guys, not to mention the caliber of bulls we got on. This is probably the best set of bulls we’re going to get on this year.”

Of the 36 bull riders in the field, only nine earned qualified rides in the first round. Laramie Mosley of Palestine, Texas, won the opener with a 90-point ride on Stockyards’ Cheddar Biscuit, followed closely by Australian Ky Hamilton.

In the championship, only Pollmeier and Hayes Weight stayed on the required eight seconds – because only nine cowboys rode, three others were selected to compete in the short round via random draw, and Hayes was one of those even though he failed to mark a qualified ride in the long round.

The night, though, belonged to the Kansan. Following in the footsteps of his father, Pollmeier opted to ride bulls. He had some things to overcome to start with, but he has managed. He finished 47th a year ago and will move into the top 35 with his win in Lea County.

“When I was little, I didn’t really get into the sheep riding; I was a little scared,” he said, the crack of a smile showing. “A little later, they had some junior rodeos in Fort Scott, and one day I got the courage to get on a Holstein calf. I remember riding hop loping across the arena, and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

He’s got the support of his family, and younger brother Tate has picked up the bug. The two plan to travel together next year during Tate Pollmeier’s rookie season.

“Here toward the end of the year, I’m starting to get my qualifications up,” he said, referring to being higher in the world standings, which offers more opportunities. “I’m not getting into a bunch (of Division I Xtreme Bulls). I didn’t really expect to get into this one. Luckily I did.”

Fortune finds the strong, and Pollmeier found the fortune in Lovington.

Lea County Xtreme Bulls
Lovington, N.M.
Aug. 8, 2023
First round:
1. Laramie Mosley, 90 points on Stockyards Rodeo’s Cheddar Biscuit, $3,363; 2. Ky Hamilton, 89.5, $2,578; 3. (tie) Trey Holston, Trey Kimzey and Jack Gilmore, 88.5, $1,308 each; 6. Brody Yeary, 87.5, $560; 7. Coy Pollmeier, 86, $448; 8. Grayson Cole, 85.5, $336. Championship round: 1. Coy Pollmeier, 91 points on Stockyards Rodeo’s Ground Assault, $4,035; 2. Hayes Weight, 84.5, $3,438; no other qualified rides. Average: 1. Coy Pollmeier, 177 points on two rides, $5,605; 2. Laramie Mosley, 90 points on one ride, $4,297; 3. Ky Hamilton, 89.5, $3,176; 4. (tie) Trey Holston, Trey Kimzey and Jack Gilmore, 88.5, $1,432 each; 7. Brody Yeary, 87.5, $747; 8. Grayson Cole, 85.5, $560.


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