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“Experienced reporting, better yet, writing in the matter that Ted Harbin writes is a treat and has been for the last 20-some years. Having the contacts within the industry that he does allows added depth and detail in his work. His experience serves him well by being able to speak and fully understand all aspects of the industry. From coast to coast, dozens of articles have been written about my career. His compositions stand out as the most accurate, in-depth and complete I have ever seen. Ted’s obvious passion is demonstrated every time he graces a keyboard. It is a treat whenever I am able to read anything Ted has penned. In my opinion, anyone would be fortunate to enjoy his work as much as Ted does. One more thing: In today’s world, it’s unlikely to find someone whose word you can trust completely. That’s what you get when you work with Ted. Bottom line: What Ted says he will do, you can take it to the bank.”



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