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“I have been working with Ted Harbin directly or indirectly over the past several years. What I’ve grown to love about Ted is his passion for the sport of rodeo and his drive to help spread an accurate description of what it’s like to watch a rodeo or compete in a rodeo. Ted’s passion and understanding of the entire sport of rodeo is unmatched against anyone else in his field. He has the most comprehensive articles and communicates well with the people inside and outside rodeo. Not only has Ted developed the entire sport of rodeo over the years, he has brought rodeo into thousands of people’s lives and given them an up-close and in-depth view of the sport. The beneficiaries of his articles now have a better understanding of the sport and, ultimately, he has converted them into fans with his continuing education. Personally, he has become a good friend, co-worker and part of our team. He has single-handedly created more interest in our company, which has taken our rodeos, and him also working with our committees, to a whole new level that is unprecedented in the rodeo industry.”



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