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It’s been 26 years since the National Finals Rodeo moved to Las Vegas. Over the years, Sin City has hosted some of the greatest happenings in the history of ProRodeo. But there was plenty of history made in previous arenas.

From what city did the NFR move, and what arena(s) hosted the championship in that city?


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Kelli Wright / November 14, 2010

Oklahoma City – The Myriad – before that it was at the State Fair Arena

dawn petty / November 14, 2010

Moved from OKC arena- The Myriad

Ted Harbin / November 14, 2010

Thanks for your answer, Dawn. I can only say it’s not entirely correct. That’s the only clue I’ve got.

K aye Nelson / November 14, 2010

Oklahoma City. The Jim Norick Arena at the fairgrounds hosted the NFR first in Oklahoma City and then the event moved into the fabulous Myriad downtown.

The NFR started in Dallas, TX at the fairgrounds in 1959 and was there three years, then it moved to Los Angelas and was there for three years before moving to Oklahoma City.

dawn petty / November 15, 2010

Oh before the Myriad, it was at the Jim Norick Arena

Ted Harbin / November 15, 2010

Well, it seems there was a hiccup, and our first poster on this actually got it correct. State Fair Arena is also known as the Jim Norick Arena, and beginning March 31, 2011, it will host the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo. It moved to the Myriad in downtown Oklahoma City, where it resided through 1984.

So congratulations to Kelli Wright. Dawn Petty had the question partially correct, then got it all right the second time around. Kaye Nelson also posted the correct answer later Sunday evening.

Thanks to you all for playing. We’ll have more soon.

Josh Barth / November 16, 2010

Dallas from 1959-1961. los angeles from 1962-1964. OKC from 1964-1984. 65-78 it was held in the state fair arena 79-84 at the myriad convention center.

I’d have to K aye nelson won since he included ALL of them

Ted Harbin / November 16, 2010

Well, Josh, the question wasn’t about all the hosts of the NFR, just the host city prior to its move to las Vegas. That’s why Kelli won. But I appreciate you playing a part in explaining the history.


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