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There are thousands of fans who are plenty excited for the start of the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series schedule.

They show up in packs to events all across the country, and when they’re not on site, they tune in to all the action on the Versus network.

They all have their favorite cowboys, and they know the bulls about as well as the bull riders. They pay attention to rider scores and bull scores, and they hang on every word the commentators say, good and bad.

The question is to them is this: Who do you think wins the 2011 PBR world championship?


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Tmiller / January 7, 2011

Jb mauney

debbie browning / January 8, 2011

i hope it will by jb or austin meier, but i think it will be another brazilian.

Sarah T / January 8, 2011

Silvano Alves

Ted Harbin / January 8, 2011

I’m going with Austin Meier, who last year learned what it takes to close one out. It took Justin McBride a few years of being the runner-up before he broke through, and I won’t be surprised if Austin doesn’t win the PBR world title this year. But he’s my pick.


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