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It’s soggy here in Houston. It’s starting to rain again; I can hear it on the top of the trailer. I really feel bad for the girls in this set. It was pouring yesterday when they were loading to go to the Reliant Center.

The Houston Cowboy Hospitality Committee is tops. There isn’t enough room for us to camp and keep our horses at the Reliant Center, so they set up a cowboy camp for us off-site. It’s awesome. They have a wonderful horse barn, with big stalls with clean shavings, stalls with bars so the ventilation is good and the horses can see each other.

They have RV hook-ups for everyone. They even poured an asphalt floor for the Cowboy Bistro tent this year and put up a fenced in playground for the little ones. Cowboy Camp is fenced in with controlled access, so if your kid, horse or dog does get loose, they can’t totally escape. We are away from all the hustle and bustle of the fair and rodeo, so it’s peaceful here. The committee is so helpful and genuinely willing to help you. They don’t mind if you stay a few days extra. They really do make the time you are here enjoyable.

They also provide meals for us and our families up at Reliant. Hats off to the Houston committee for making us feel like rock stars.

We went to Reliant to watch Reba in concert on March 9. What can I say? She is in a class by herself. She came from cowboy stock, is proud of it, and she rocked the house.

Don’t forget: They broadcast the rodeos over Fox Sports-Houston.


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