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On Sunday afternoon during the first go-round of Super Series V at RodeoHouston, Todd Suhn had a rodeo-saving 11.9-second steer wrestling run.

Todd Suhn
Todd Suhn

It wasn’t one of those lightning-quick times we’re used to seeing at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, but it was as dramatic as any you’ll ever see. Suhn’s steer shot out of the chute quickly and got a quick lead on Suhn and his hazer. In fact, the steer veered right, directly in front of the hazing horse.

Suhn swept around the near-wreck and bolted after the stray steer. As his beautiful white horse, Maximus, closed in, Suhn finished off the run in fantastic fashion. His run, though long, was worth $500 for being fourth in the go-round.

The run might become a thing of legends if Suhn continues to cash in. On Monday night, the South Dakotan posted a 4.6-second run to win the second go-round. He now stands a very good chance of qualifying for the semifinals.

Suhn has qualified for the NFR 15 times the last 16 years. It’s that kind of “try” that makes it possible.


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