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EDITOR’S NOTE: Because of the story presented by a number of the top cowboys and cowgirls in ProRodeo that appeared on the group’s Facebook page and on TwisTED Rodeo (see HERE) on Jan. 6 and later appeared in subsequent publications, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association issued a statement to media representatives that requested it. Below is the PRCA’s statement on this issue.

A group of approximately 20 PRCA contestants called a meeting Jan. 3-4 in Waco, Texas, a day after requesting a special PRCA board of directors meeting. Upon 48 hours’ notice, the PRCA board agreed to hold that special meeting via teleconference on Jan. 4.

PRCA-logoDuring the Jan. 4 board meeting, the 11 contestants in attendance asked the PRCA board to amend 18 bylaws related to newly created contestant board seats and contestant eligibility for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. The contestants discussed their proposed bylaw changes at length with the board.

The PRCA board expressed concerns about the contestant demand that all 18 bylaw changes be voted on that same day, within 48 hours of the notice of the meeting, as that timing did not allow for the necessary vetting and research to be done in order to make legally sound, informed business decisions greatly affecting the entire membership. The contestants stated that their urgency for the immediate answers was based upon their belief that a deadline of Jan. 6 existed for negotiating the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo contract.

However, the PRCA board was never informed of any Jan. 6 deadline and was at the very same time receiving a conflicting counter-offer deadline of Jan. 14 from multiple members of the Las Vegas Events board. In the interest of serving all 6,000-plus PRCA members and the entire sport of professional rodeo, the PRCA board requested additional time to research and carefully consider all requests from the contestant group, but the 11 contestants denied that request.


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