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Are the top cowboys still planning to leave the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association?

The truth to that is still unknown. But there seems – the key word in this sentence is “seems” – to be some headway being made. Inference has been made to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, featuring the top cowboys in the game, making its way to Texas.

Ted Harbin TwisTED Rodeo
Ted Harbin
TwisTED Rodeo

Photos of PRCA Commissioner Karl Stressman, Texas state Rep. Cecil Bell Jr., and Texas Gov. Rick Perry circulated on social media Friday. Kirby Cannon, the brother of NFR bareback rider Clint Cannon, was the most vocal about the happenings going on in Austin, Texas, blasting snippets across social media.

“It’s out,” Cannon wrote on his Facebook page Saturday morning. “So how does the NFR in Texas sound?”

Unfortunately, the clouds begin to gray again, with limited word coming out of the PRCA and of the camp of top cowboys who vowed Monday through their Facebook page, Support Rodeo Contestants, to form a new organization. The story can be found HERE. Once that was released, the PRCA issued a statement, which can be found HERE.

Obviously, there have been talks between the contestants and the association. That’s great. Here is something Cannon posted Friday on one of the Facebook pages he directs, Bareback Riders Forum: “If you are or were ever a member of the PRCA, today would be a great day to smile. Every storm ends and the skies will be bluer than ever. Rally around the brand. The next month is big; it needs your trust, and great things are coming.”

That led to today’s post on Cannon’s page.

“No more details can be released, but Texas doesn’t do small,” Cannon wrote. “This started with some bareback riders with a wild hair and a cowboy politician by the name of Cecil Bell Jr. Guys, the future is bright, and it’s time ProRodeo cowboys got treated like pros. God bless Texas.”

Everything sounds positive, but, quite obviously, it will take some time before the true facts in this case are revealed. I hope you’ll keep checking back to see what happens.


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