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Pete Carr Pro Rodeo features top stock, like Painted River, at his rodeos. He is the livestock producer for next week’s Matagorda County Fair and Rodeo in Bay City, Texas.

BAY CITY, Texas –There’s something special when the rodeo comes to town.

The people in this community of more than 17,000 have needed a relief from the COVID-19 infestation that has isolated and held people down for better than a year. That makes things more special for this year’s Matagorda County Fair and Rodeo, set for 7 p.m. Thursday, May 6-Saturday, May 8, at the Matagorda County Fairgrounds in Bay City.

“People need to get their minds off what’s been going on this last year,” said Julie Culver, the fair’s manager. “They need some good, clean, old-fashioned fun. They need unity and fellowship. They need to let the kids be kids again.

“Everybody’s been through a lot.”

Yes, they have, and the rodeo will be the perfect remedy. Nearly 400 contestants are planning to compete in Bay City, with almost 100 NFR qualifiers. That’s saying something about the times and the opportunities that await them near the Texas gulf coast.

There are still several rodeos that cancel each month. The Matagorda County rodeo has been postponed from it’s March date to know with hopes that there will be fewer COVID restrictions. That has opened the door for so many of ProRodeo’s best to make their way to southeast Texas in early May.

There are world champions like Sage Kimzey, who owns six bull riding world titles; Jacobs Crawley, the 2015 saddle bronc riding champion; Junior Nogueira, the 2016 all-around titlist; and 18 others who wear the coveted gold buckle every chance they get.

Why are they headed to southeast Texas?

A big reason behind it is the livestock and production from Pete Carr Pro Rodeo, which handles all the intimate details of Bay City’s rodeo.

“Having Pete part of our rodeo is very important,” Culver said. “It’s not just Pete. He has some very good guys working with him. It’s so nice for him to be here and be such a respectful and respected livestock producer. He’s got some really nice stock, and people want to know who our stock producer is.”

Carr and his team take a solid approach to each rodeo and each rodeo performance. They understand that this is a unique option for many seeking quality entertainment. The production must make sure the competition is as even as possible for the cowboys and cowgirls, but they also must be mindful that it is a show for the crowd.

They have a routine they’ve perfected over the years.

“We trust Pete, and we trust the people working with him,” Culver said. “We can’t do this without the directors and the volunteers.

“I think Pete’s got a good following, and there are going to be contestants that follow him around. I know a lot of them like getting on his stock and know he’s going to put on a good rodeo.”

That’s why the Carr firm has been recognized as one of the best in ProRodeo for several years.


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